Introducing the Fuelpak Pro tuning experience

A complete ecosystem for creating, storing and delivering maps to FP3 users worldwide. The next evolution of Fuelpak will give you the tools you need to map any combination of performance parts and engine upgrades.

The Fuelpak PRO Cloud based system includes:

PC based map editing for point and click access to all critical ECU tables
Make your custom maps available on our online marketplace to FP3 users worldwide
Dyno tuning for any combination of performance parts and engine upgrades
18mm wideband O2 sensor kit for optimal tuning capability & precision
Comprehensive support from V&H, including in-person training and seminars
Cloud server network to create, upload, download and edit your own map library

Installation and Setup

With a comprehensive installation and tuning guide, written by the FP3 technicians at Vance & Hines to give you all the tips and tricks to quickly and efficiently create maps, the Fuelpak Pro service manual will be a valuable tool in your shop.

Everything you need, right on your phone or tablet

Fuelpak Pro utilizes our groundbreaking FP3 app and unlocks a whole new batch of dealer specific functions, allowing you to customize maps, send them to your own server, and distribute those maps to FP3 customers worldwide.

Introducing Fuelpak PRO for professionals

Best selling ECU tuner for Harley-Davidson motorcycles

The Fuelpak FP3 has fast become the best selling ECU tuner for Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the world. That’s because the FP3 gives you the power to control your motorcycle right through your smartphone. Map optimizations such as throttle progressivity to improve responsiveness and in-app control over popping on deceleration let you dial in your ride to suit your style. The ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your machine. All backed up by world-class customer service features that allow Vance & Hines to remotely assist with your riding experience.

Cloud-Based Server

Dealers will now have the opportunity to create, edit, save, share, and even sell their maps to Fuelpak FP3 customers worldwide.

  • Upload and save completed maps to your own cloud-based server
  • Fully edit available tables quickly and easily through our online interface
  • Configure who can view, share, and edit your maps
  • Save shop time by creating a full catalog of maps for your preferred performance motor builds, and flash them to multiple customers


Our popular AutoTune feature has been improved with professional dyno tuning in mind.

  • Fuelpak Pro allows you to tune utilizing Wide Band Sensors for a quicker and more accurate tuning session
  • Improved UI constantly displays Engine Temperature, and onboard diagnostics ensure Wide Band Sensors are working within specifications
  • Delta tables for Front and Rear Cylinder VE’s will be displayed upon completion of an AutoTune session, allowing you to inspect your tune and save precious dyno time

Just... WOW

“This little guy tucks in nicely with my other electrical components under the left side battery cover in my 2017 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight Sportster. The options on this thing are endless and way above my expertise. Nevertheless, Vance & Hines is right there for your support. Upload your tuning information to them and they'll send you a customized map.
Plus, the features on this thing are an absolute killer.”

Clinton R

Simple & Dynamic

“H-D dealer Service Manager recommended the FP3 as the bike's stock map can be saved & reloaded in the event of warranty concerns. Installed myself on a new H-D M8 107.
Simple plug & play for my 2-1 pipe and air cleaner!”

Michael Y

Works as advertised

“The Vance & Hines 2 into 2 map gave my Street Bob wicked down low power and constant performance thru all gears without any stuttering or popping while quick shifting! Ease of use is on point and I use an iPod touch that plays music in my shop to run the app.”

Brett T

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the app?

The Fuelpak Pro utilizes the Fuelpak FP3 app, available in the App Store (iOS) of Google Play (Android). An additional host of dealer specific features will be located in the Dealer Tools menu, and will be available once registered.

What is the warranty on the Fuelpak PRO?

Vance & Hines offers an extensive 1 year warranty on the Fuelpak PRO.

How are Fuelpak Pro maps made?

Fuelpak Pro utilizes two included Bosch Wideband sensors that can be installed into any exhaust with 18mm sensor bungs. The sensors take live data while performing a tuning session, and the Fuelpak Pro module monitors and maintains optimal wideband temperature ranges, sending data to our best selling Fuelpak FP3. The Fuelpak FP3 app will serve as your main user interface for the mapping procedures outlined in out Installation and Tuning Guide.

How do I access the Cloud Based Dealer Server?

Contact Vance & Hines to register as a dealer, and you will be given a username and password to access your own personal server.

Does the Fuelpak Pro need to stay attached to the vehicle once mapped?

The Fuelpak Pro is intended to serve as a tool for dyno technicians, and is not required to stay with the motorcycle once tuned, not does it marry itself to any one vehicle. The Fuelpak Pro can be used again and again on multiple vehicles, but each vehicle will require its own Fuelpak FP3 that will marry itself to the vehicle, and be left on the motorcycle for the customer after the bike has been mapped.

How difficult is it to send maps to my dealer server?

Once a map is flashed to the bike, it's as simple as accessing the Dealer Tools menu, and selecting the Upload Map option. Once the map has been sent to the server, you will receive a confirmation dialog box with the newly assigned MAP number. This MAP number can then be shared and sent to FP3 users worldwide, all through your personal dealer server.


Fuelpak Pro Promotional Video

Introducing Fuelpak Pro

Fuelpak Pro Contents

Fuelpak Pro Contents

Promotional, Overview
Fuelpak Pro Installation

Fuelpak Pro Installation

Tutorial, Overview
Fuelpak Pro Mapping Tutorial

Fuelpak Pro Mapping Tutorial

Tutorial, Overview
Fuelpak FP3 Autotune Preview

Autotune Preview Screen

Fuelpak Pro Dealer Server Guide

Dealer Server Guide

Tutorial, Overview
Fuelpak FP3

Fuelpak FP3


Harley-Davidson Applications

Compatible with the following Delphi equipped Harley-Davidson Motorcycles:

2014-2020 Harley-Davidson Touring Models

2014-2020 Harley-Davidson Street

2014-2020 Harley-Davidson Sportster

2011-2020 Harley-Davidson Softail

2012-2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna